Flames Of Durga is a dynamically fierce, musical powerhouse, fronted by twin sisters, Béah and Cecilia Romero. They deliver a thunderous, electrifying performance. Heavy riffs are paired with empowering lyricism and emotion. Their music and performance ignites a thrilling experience, showcasing a potent blend of passion and skill that captivates audiences with raw energy and intensity. Twin sisters, Béah (guitar/vox) and Cecilia Romero (bass/vox), have written songs together since childhood, growing up in Los Angeles. Their initial catalyst to start a band was surviving an intense car crash that woke them up to their mortality and purpose. They've joined forces with drummer Nate Million to form a power trio of original, heavy rock n' roll. Their musical influences include The Kills, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, The Breeders, ACDC, L7 and more. Listen to their self-titled debut album out now everywhere, recorded at Rancho de la Lunaproduced by Dave Catching (Queens of the Stoneage, Mojave Lords)The band has plans to tour in fall 2024 and release new, upcoming singles leading up to their sophomore album.